We offer our customers a catalog of used and second hand vehicles, both Farcinox brand and from other manufacturers.
In addition, we also help our customers in the sale of their used vehicles. To do this, download our used vehicle registration and contact your nearest sales manager (you can find it on the “Contact” page, “Directory” section).

Tank ADR (Customer available)

Licence plate J-01070-R

Date 1993

Capacity 30,000 L

Tank ATP/ADR (Farcinox available)

Licence plate CR-03716-R

Date 1998

Capacity 33,000 L

Price 26,000€

Tank ADR (Farcinox available)

Licence plate B-25548-R

Date 1997

Capacity 32,995L

Price 19,500€

Tank ATP (Customer available)

Licence plate R-4387-BBV

Date 1997

Capacity 29,100L

Tank ADR (Farcinox available)

Licence plate CR-04081-R

Date 1999

Capacity 32,333L

Price 22,000€

Tank Without clasess (Sold)

Licence plate M-12867-R

Date 1985


Price 12,500€

Tank ADR (Farcinox available)

Licence plate M-25716-R

Date 1983

Capacity 32,300L

Price 22,000€

Tank ADR (Farcinox available)

Licence plate T-03397-R

Date 1997

Capacity 32,500L

Price 22,000€