Our history

The history of Farcinox began in 1992, when Juan Francisco Sanz and Miguel Ángel Muñoz decided to unite their more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of vehicles for the transport of liquids by road, with a product vision based fundamentally on meeting the highest quality standards. That is why from the start quality has been the main attribute that has guided every step of the way for Farcinox.

Farcinox began its journey with 3 employees, in 2,000 m2 facilities located in the town of Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca), in the geographical center of Spain and with good roads connecting it to the rest of the country. Although the original idea was the manufacture of stainless steel tankers for road transport, the first four years were dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of static tanks for the storage of liquids. This business gave Farcinox a good reputation in the sector and allowed it to acquire its first customers in the road transport industry. In this way, only 2 years after its founding, Farcinox was already dedicated exclusively to the original objective of the company, and in 1994 its production capacity was already 20 vehicles per year.

That same year, Juan Francisco and Miguel Ángel decided to expand their facilities in order to increase their production capacity and implement a new manufacturing line equipped with the latest technology available at that time. For this reason, Farcinox moved its factory to the town of Pedro Muñoz (Ciudad Real) and settled in a ​​20,000 m2 industrial area with a 7,000 m2 manufacturing plant.

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Our team

Another of the most important factors in the success of Farcinox is the team that makes it up: highly qualified personnel in all the positions of the company and with great experience in a sector as specific as is the manufacture of industrial vehicles for the transport of liquids. In addition, the company has devoted significant resources to building an organization oriented to innovate and improve, day-by-day, the products it offers its customers.

Farcinox´s structure:

  • Sales department: we make sure to keep up with the needs of the sector and we have high technical knowledge to provide our customers with the best advice.
  • Design and engineering department: we have the best professionals in the sector for technical design and engineering, necessary to develop solutions to any type of need. In addition, we devote a large part of our resources to innovation and development for the continuous improvement of our products and processes.
  • Production and quality department: we put special focus on the planning and control of our manufacturing lines, to ensure that the product meets the specifications of our customers within the agreed deadlines, always maintaining quality standards.
  • Manufacturing Department: we have the most qualified personnel in the sector in each of the positions that make up our manufacturing lines.
  • After-sales service and spare parts department: : we know how important it is for our customers that their vehicles are in the best working conditions and for that, we have a specific department that provides an immediate solution.
  • Communication and marketing department: we want to be close to our customers and inform them of the news that concerns them, both about our company and the sector.
  • Administration and finance department: nour objective is to ensure the continuity of the company from the financial point of view to continue helping our customers.

Our manifacture

At Farcinox we believe that our experience in the sector, the personalization of our products and the focus on quality, should be reflected in our vehicle’s entire value chain. That is why, in addition to having the best professionals in key areas such as sales, design and engineering and production, we have equipped our manufacturing lines with the best technology in the sector, having designed our own manufacturing processes, controlled and verified by our qualified staff, in order to ensure the highest level of quality, while we respond to the specifications of our customers.

With regard to manufacturing, we have always relied on four basic pillars that define us as a company:

Manufacturing pillars:

  • The best tank bodies in terms of efficiency, safety and welding quality: we are aware of the importance of this element in our vehicles and for this reason we have dedicated a lot of efforts to its continuous improvement and to the automation of the unions of its components, in order to provide a product of the highest quality and to work in the safest and most efficient way possible.
  • The most durable and manageable chassis: we have thoroughly studied this element of the vehicle to design and manufacture a chassis that extends the useful life of the vehicle and allows a distribution of loads that leads to a smoother ride, which results in lower fuel consumption and wear of tires and brakes. Just like with our tank bodies, we have automated our chassis production to ensure that each unit meets the design and quality requirements.
  • The most functional parts and accessories with the best quality finishes: at Farcinox we have always opted to internally manufacture the majority of elements that make up our vehicles with the conviction that it is the best way to ensure the functionality required by our customers and maintain a level of quality at the same height as that provided by our tank bodies and chassis.

Following this strategy, we have equipped our manufacturing positions with the most advanced machinery elements in all procedures:

  • Cutting: automatic laser and water cutting machines, both on a plane and for tubes.
    – Forming: hydroforming and stamping presses as well as high-load automatic folding and bending machines.
  • Forming: hydroforming and stamping presses as well as high-load automatic folding and bending machines.
  • Machining:all the necessary machines for machining by numerical control of our elements that make up the loading and unloading systems.
  • Welding:: robotic and automatic welding arms of different elements that make up our vehicles.
  • Electropolishing: polishing system by electrolysis that guarantees the best finish of our accessories.

Our guarantees

Our manufacturing policy based on the highest quality standards of the sector is recognized externally by our customers and by the best certifying entities.

CAs a consequence of this work methodology, Farcinox complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard for quality management practically since its establishment.

In addition, we have all the certificates and approvals necessary for the manufacture and marketing of all our products in the markets in which we are present:

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