Our ATP food tankers are designed to offer our customers a product that meets their needs and allows them, in turn, a greater transport capacity thanks to reduced tare, maintaining reliability and quality in materials and finishes.

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CapacityAccording to customer specifications and technical or regulatory limitations
TankA stainless steel tank with the required quality according to the liquid to be transported and various shapes: straight cylindrical, trunk-conical or swan neck
CompartmentsAccording to customer specifications and technical or regulatory limitations
ManholesFarcinox brand manholes in electropolished stainless steel (500 mm) mounted on stainless steel collars with or without insulation
Heating2, 4 or 6 heating lines with a 2 bar working pressure installed in the lower part of the tank
InsulationInsulation with IR certification
Exterior coatingStainless steel sheet in matt or mirror gloss finish, aluminum or polyester sheet
Unloading systemRear or side unloading system, individual or group, according to customer specifications and with bottom, cut and / or output valves according to the needs of the product to be transported
Washing systemWash system connected to the upper part of the tank and with lower input according to the customer's specifications
Anti-spill systemAnti-spill system based on a longitudinal tray or individual drawers for manholes with optional insulation
Walkway400 mm wide walkway made of aluminum or stainless steel with handrail activated from the bottom of the vehicle and accessible from the ladder
ChassisChassis in electro-polished stainless steel in double T with axle and suspension fixings in electropolished stainless steel
UndercarriageUndercarriage consisting of 3 axles with 9 t maximum load, with an optional self-steering axle, air suspension, tire models Mod. 385/65 R 22,5 or 385/55 R 22,5 and aluminum rims
Braking systemABS/EBS braking system according to standards
Light systemsSystem of lights and connections according to regulations
AccessoriesInstallation of all types of stainless steel drawers of own manufacture, bumpers and side fenders according to current regulations, wheel chocks and spare wheel supports, hose holders and hose brushing protection, as well as any specific accessory requested by our customers
Other componentsOur commitment to customization forces us to be experts in the installation of other auxiliary components such as unloading pumps or on-road heating systems, among others

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